Ultrasound Stop Barking Device




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Ultrasound Animal Dog Repeller Pet Training Device Anti Barking Two Modes Adjustbale Waves with LED Light Use for Cats and Dogs


1.PU70 ultrasonic dog repeller, which uses the principle of ultrasound to emit sound waves to interfere with the dog, so that it will feel stimulated and stops the current behavior. For example, you can expel a dog who is coming to you, or you can let the dog stop barking.

2. It uses a frequency of 20-25KHZ, which is difficult for human hearing to perceive, but it is the most sensitive frequency for dogs. But the sound will not negatively affect the dog’s hearing or health, it is an effective and safe product!

3. The repellent mode: After pressing the button, the ultrasonic wave will be continuously released 7-10 times per second.When the ultrasonic wave is released, the LED light will flash at the same frequency

4.The training mode: After pressing the button, it will continuously release medium, low, and high ultrasonic frequencies.When your dog is barking or has other incorrect behaviors, you can use the training mode to interfere with the dog’s current behavior.


1. When the battery is lower than 20%, a red light will be displayed when using any function.

2. Do not use adapters larger than 5V2A to charge the product.

3. Do not immerse the product in water or extreme environments (below 0 ℃ or above 45 ℃). Extreme environments may shorten the service life of the product.

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Brand Name


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Mainland China, CN(Origin)


Dogs, Ultrasound Repeller



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Animal Repeller

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Ultrasound with LED Flashlight


As show

Feature 1

Dog training device

Feature 2

Training aid

Type 1

Deterrents Trainer

Type 4

Anti Barking Device

Type 6

LED Flashlight

Type 7

Easy to carry


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