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Pet Dog Repeller Anti Barking Stop Bark Training Device Trainer LED Ultrasonic Anti Barking Ultrasonic Without Battery Wholesale

As that are Used as Pets, in Police and for Shepherding.

Battery not include!!!

Easy to Operate,train all Kinds of Dogs such as that are Used as Pets, in Police and for Shepherding.
Color: Yellow/Black
1. Double head dog repeller 13.5*5.5*2.5cm
2. Single head dog repeller 13*3.8*2.3cm
Weight: 60g

Packing:1 pcs Anti Barking Training Device Please pay attention: you need install the 9V battery.
Also, The following conditions do not drive dogs well:
1. The dog you own, because it knows that the owner will not hurt it;
2. Noisy environment, such as downtown or roadside;
3. Dogs with the owner-dog-dominant; trained large dogs-well-trained;
4. When the battery voltage is too low-the transmit power is low. The above situation will not affect the use of this product, because your own dog, dogs who often shop, dogs with the owner and well-trained dogs will not bite randomly;

Instructions for use:
When the switch is in the “Light” position, it can be used for night lighting. When the switch is in the “I” position, pressing the “NO” button will give out ultrasonic dog training. When the switch is in the “II” position, press “NO” The button will send out ultrasonic training and infrared laser to drive dogs and wolves.

1.Compare your detail size, please allow 1-3MM to be different due to manual measurements.
2.Please note that due to light and the screen, a slight color difference should be acceptable.

Kind tips: Do not deliberately tease the dog with the dog drive, because it is not surprising that the dog listens more.

Principle of driving dogs:
This product is mainly used in outdoor environments to prevent being attacked by dogs. When you encounter a dog that is trying to attack you, you will take out this “super weapon” to emit ultrasound to the dog. The 125dB ultrasound is very stimulating to the dog’s hearing. of. The flashing of the super bright LED can also make the dog know the source and position of the sound, so as to understand that the weapon in your hand is aimed at it. The longer you stay in this position, the more damage it will cause him, and he will leave in a hurry.

Additional information

Brand Name


Item Type

Bark Deterrents


Mainland China


Dogs, Anti Barking device

Is Smart Device




Feature 1

Ultrasonic with LED Flashlight

Feature 2

Rechargeable Battery, Weatherproof, Wall Mount

Powered by

9V battery (not included)

Package List

1 Pcs

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