Pet Clipper Blade Fit Most Andis Oster Clippers





Professional pet clipper blade

  • High quality carbon steel sharp and durable, easy using

  • Suitable for cat, dog, pet and so on.

  • Compatible with for LAUBE, for Oster, for Andis, for Conair, for Wahl, for heineger, for bematech and for Thrive Detachable Clippers!


The 10# Moving blade is ceramic.

The latest products are ceramic blades and steel movable blades.

We will send the goods randomly.


Some Oster (model: 5-50C) and Moser machines cannot be used 3F 4F 5F 7F.

Reason: Moving is blade steel (the product cannot be used)

Solution: Replace the Moving blade is ceramic. (Provide unavailable videos, we will give you some new ceramic Moving blades)

Model Size
10# 1.6mm
9# 2mm
30# 0.5mm
40# 0.25mm
50# 0.2mm
3F 13mm
4F 9.5mm
5F 6.3mm
7F 3.2mm

How to choose?

We know it’s confusing to choose the right size of the blade for your needs.

As the number of the blade goes higher, the shorter and finer it cuts.

For example, size 10 will leave ⅙ inch of hair which is great for styling short hair and general use. The size 7 will leave ⅛ inch of hair, which is recommended for matted coat use.

A5 snap-on blades fit most of the other detachable clippers on the market such as Andi AGC AGC2, Wahl KM2/KM5/KM10, Oster A5/A6 and etc. However, we strongly recommend you double-check the specification of your clipper before you make the purchase.

You may check the comparison table of our various products shown below.
Thor ; Wahl KM2, KM5, KM10 ; Andis AG, AGC, BDC, BG, DBLC, FHC, MBG, SMC ; Oster A6, Golden A5, Turbo A5, Power Max, PowerPro Ultra


Additional information

Brand Name





Mainland China

Is Smart Device


Model Number




Power Source

Dog Grooming Clipper Replacement Blades,

Charging Time


Item Type

Dog Hair Trimmer

metal blade clippers

dog grooming metal blade clippers

Professional Animal Detachable Blade

for Andis, for Conair, for Laube

A5 clippers

for Oster, for Wahl


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